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Lazarus - Echoes In The Void - The Rebirth Session Episode 219 (26th August 2016)


Lazarus - Echoes In The Void - The Rebirth Session Episode 219 (26th August 2016) Winifred Burkle - The Cave We Are All Astronauts - Doves Meridian - Singularity [Infrasonic] Ellez Ria - Arve [Just Music] DARVO - Wandering Flames [Redux Red] Max Millian - Distant Road [InfraProgressive] Debb - Alone (Snade remix) [Airstorm] DJ Kolin & VOGER - Calvicie [D:Max Deep] Monoverse & Orsa vs. The Blizzard & Yuri Kane featuring Relyk - Everything About Empyrean (Monoverse mashup) Eximinds - Archaea [Suanda] NoMosk & Roman Messer featuring Christina Novelli - Lost Soul (Elite Electronic remix) [Sunada Voice] Quincy Weigert - October's Eve [Spellbinding] Kiran M Sajeev - Fallen Empire [Airstorm] Jam Da Bass & DJ T.H with Hanna Finsen - Save The Day [Entrancing] Bodzey - Touch The Light (Aldo Henrycho remix) [Trance All Stars] Alphadelta - Terrestrial (2016 Balearic mix) [Defcon] Jerzyk - Lost & Found (Kgee & Bechs mix) [Off The Scale] Derek Ryan featuring Melissa R. Kaplan - Ripples [Redux] Hypaethrame - Leave Me Alone (E.T Project remix) [Defcon] Ultimate - Amulet [Infrasonic Pure] Meridian - Shifter (Moonsouls remix) [Infrasonic Gold] Iio - Rapture (Psymes & Spins 2016 remix) Dreamseekers - Lullaby [Infrasonic Pure] DJ Harn & Spins vs Psymes & J Alexander - Rays Of Elysium [Beyond The Stars] Aly & Fila & UCast vs Danny Legatto - In My Mind Inside My Soul (Rundell mashup) Miroslav Vrlik - The Intruders [Blue Soho] Allen Watts - Flashback [Monster Force] Tom Forde - I'm Free [Defcon] Joseph Darwed - Escape From Reality (Bernis remix) [Beyond The Stars] Illitheas - Halion [Digital Euphoria] Aldo Henrycho - Elaine (club mix) [Beyond The Stars] Type 41 featuring Danny Clare - I'm Sorry [Abora] Diffract - Deep Serenity (SettleR remix) [Defcon] Jaden Merrick - Kauto [Defcon] Ellez Ria - Genesis [Trance All Stars] R.E.L.O.A.D. - Nothing More (Nikolauss #140 remix) [Supercell] Truenorth - Deep Awakening [Supercell] Liquid Vision presents LIKWID - All In Good Time [Defcon] amAya - Breathe (club mix) [Defcon] 9eek - LHC [Silent Shore] Dreamy & Akku - Stakeout [Tangled Audio] Jon Mangan - Amelioration [Defcon] Akku - Healing Wounds [Discover] Tuomas L - Fear Of Faith (Michael Kaelios remix) [Supercell] Noon & Morgan - Uprising [Digitized] R.E.L.O.A.D. - Insadness (Amos & Riot Night remix) [Operator] D'nial - The Dark Knight [Soaring Sounds] Bryan Kearney & Shugz vs Dark Alliance - Genetic Rave (Icedream's Slashed Mashup) Plastic Boy - Silver Bath (Renegade System mix) Michael Kaelios - Endless Paranoid [Liquid Energy] Gouryella - Ligaya (Neos remix)